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Bottling NameOld Taylor
Bottled ByOld Taylor/E.H. Taylor and Sons Frankfort,Ky
TypeKentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Alcohol content100 Proof
Availability US: No Longer Available Japan: Not Available Duty Free: Not Available Europe: Not Available
Mashbill InfoOld Taylor
Views (since 20080612) 17740
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Review from bourbonv (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1203, Created:20080723185433, Updated:20090517210833) View discussion on this review.
Purchased at:Estate Sale
Info on this bottle:Bottled in Bond Spring 1917/Spring 1927
Nose:Very ripe apple - almost over ripe, rich caramel and fine leather. The longer it breathes, the more the caramel comes out until it is like a Brachs Caramel Chew candy in its richness.
Taste:Candied apple rolled in nuts. The apple fruit is strong up front leading into caramel and a slight nuttiness. In the back of the throat is the fine leather and a hint of dark tobacco. The drink has a nice mouthfeel with a slightly thick and chewy taste, There is no alcohol burn and just the most pleasant warmth in the throat.
Finish:Very long and sweet with sweet caramel and oak - both well balanced and both last through the whole finish.
Overall:This bottle was bottled at the Louisville Public Warehouse Co. during prohibition. LPWC was a consolidation warehouse, but did not have a permit to sell, so many companies came there to purchase whiskey. Most of the time it purchased by the barrel, but they also bottled whiskey and sold it to the companies in that form as well. This Old Taylor has a white label instead of the golden orange label Old Taylor started using in 1910. This is a very good prohibition era bourbon.

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Review from MikeK (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 765, Created:20070507161320, Updated:20090517210731)
Purchased at:
Purchased for:Far less than it should have cost
Info on this bottle:Glass decanter: F1948-F1953
Proof Of this Bottle:100
Nose:Thick and heavy, like an old port. Sweet and herbal, reminiscent of Benedictine liquor or French oak. Aromas of mint, chocolate-berry, juniper, and oranges.
Taste:Elegant and subtle when first opened, with an ethereal spiciness. Opened up with heavenly sweet caramel and rich butterscotch. Rich yet delicate.
Finish:Sweet and fruity with medium-long length. Once opened up the finish became quite powerful and long lasting.
Overall:This is the second of a series of reviews of once grand labels destroyed by Beam.

This decanter was so beautiful and pristine I almost didn???t want to open it. Almost. The bourbon was thankfully unspoiled after 54 years in the bottle. At first it was very light and subtle; enjoyable, but not as rich and powerful as I was hoping for. But once the contents had time to breathe and come to terms with the new millennium, it came into its own wonderfully. The nose is wonderful and complex with a flavor as rich as you would expect. A real jewel. It is a true privilege to enjoy this bourbon.

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