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Login problems fixed.

Posted by Chris on 15 Feb 2011 13:23
In an effort to eliminate the issue of people getting "you have exceeded the maximum number of login attempts" messages and having to solve the CAPTCHA, we have blocked several anonymous proxy networks. ALL of the hacking attempts were coming from these IP addresses, and since we have blocked them a few days ago there have been 0 attempts...

If you havent logged on since all this started, you may get the message and be required to solve the captcha, but the problem shouldn't return... Unfortunately this may block some people who were using the anonymous proxies to get to the site legitimately, but the alternative is to leave them unblocked, inconveniencing every user of the site every time they logon...

We have also blocked large amounts of China, Bulgaria and Russia's IP space due to the large amount of spam/fake registrations from those areas (and the fact that we have had 0 legitimate users from those areas)

'You exceeded the maximum allowed number of login attempts'

Posted by Chris on 08 Feb 2011 11:19
Several users have had issues when logging in for the first time on any given day when they get a message "You exceeded the maximum allowed number of login attempts" and have to re-enter their usename/password and type in the captcha. This is a known issue with many high-profile forums... (see for some more info).. It appears that infected computers have some malicous programs running on them that are performing systematic attacks on user's passwords for many forums on the internet, once they get in they are saving a list of the usernames and passwords to be used for spam... The requirement to complete the captcha makes it impossible for these malicious automated password cracking attempts to continue, but unfortunately it also affects us when we attempt to logon while these attacks are underway... There have been many other forums that have reported the same problems, the people who make the PHPbb software are aware of this and hopefully they will deliver a fix that blocks consecutive bad logons on a per IP basis rather than on a per user basis sometime soon...

Here is a quote from one of the many other forums being hit with the same attacks: ( )
A number of our members have reported receiving the "You exceeded the maximum number of login attempts" message while trying to login to the forum, and are then prompted to enter the confirmation code as well as their username and password.

Unfortunately it seems that several phpbb based forums have been attacked in the same manner which involves a bot persistently trying to login to member's accounts. The forum software catches this and after 3 attempts prompts with the challenge question.
There is no indication that the bot has ever got past this challenge (as it is specific to our forum) as it would require both the correct password, and the correct challenge answer.

I have been using the 'log me in automatically' feature on my home machines and it has helped a lot...

Death to Spammers!

Posted by bourbonv on 05 Jan 2010 18:50
In order to prevent spammers, I have changed the permissions so that I have to approve new members. I am sorry if this inconviences new members, but I am tired of deleting spam.

New Administrator & New Moderator and Moderator Promotion

Posted by Mark on 09 May 2009 11:50
I have posted this in this thread found here but I also wanted to make an announcement about it as well.

In light of what has happened with a few spammers lately it has become necessary to have a few more eyes and ears out there to help watch out for the site. Besides watching the site for these type of people it's also a way to reward people for their time and dedication to not jsut the site but everything they do for their love of bourbon and friendship.

It is our honor to make BourbonV an Admin on the site! :bounce: Also, we are proud to promote Brewer to a Global Moderator and also help us welcome Mozilla as a new Moderator!

Chris and I think that with some changes made, some which will be made and with the help of our staff (who as you know all do this in their own time to help out the community) BourbonEnthusiast will be safer from the exploits of these... Well, I'll put it politely, scumbags. :evil:

Thank you all for your patience and understanding!

Mark and Chris

Problems registering? Does it say your email is banned?

Posted by Mark on 20 Mar 2008 17:39
To all the new members who may be trying to register and are having problems:

Is it saying your email address has been banned? That's because unfortunately some time ago we had to disallow email addresses from many 'free' based sites such as hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc. The spam/porn people creating bs accounts became too numerous to deal with. We do not do anything with your email address, heck we never even look at them, so please feel safe using your regular email from your isp. For example roadrunner, aol, comcast, any email that works except like I said, from the free email sites.

Thank you for your understanding in these matters and we sincerely hope you can understand why we have had to enact this. It has and will continue to make a more pleasurable site for everyone. :cheers:

Latest Industry News
Questions from a newb about the Kentucky Bourbon Affair?

Posted by coffeecupman on 05 Apr 2014 03:50
Good morning all,

Having recently decided to get serious about bourbon, this is the first year that I have seen any mention of the Kentucky Bourbon Affair.

I have some questions that I hope someone can help me with:

1. How many years has this been running?

2. Since this event follows Derby weekend, doesn't the liquor shopping stink during this week? What I mean is, haven't the derby folks all scoured the liquor stores and visitor centers, leaving the inventory of rare and interesting specimens decimated? Would it be fair to say that the week after the Affair, when even more bourbon-loving tourists have passed through, seems to be about the worst time of the year to shop the liquor stores surrounding the Bourbon Trail?

3. Sort of related to the above - For all the tours that I read the outline of, only Woodford and some other one seemed to offer a special selection bourbon to be exclusively released for the Affair. I have heard that some producers release special product in advance of the Sept Bourbon Festival, but don't know this for sure. Are some producers pre-releasing...more

Bourbon memorabilia show

Posted by bourbonv on 04 Apr 2014 10:41
Here is a link to a fun event at the Filson in May. ... on-affair/...more

Liquor giants battle over Tennessee whiskey, barrels

Posted by Roscoe on 17 Mar 2014 10:04
Liquor giants battle over Tennessee whiskey, barrels

Source: Greenville Online
Mar. 14, 2014

In Tennessee, a battle is breaking out between two of the world's largest liquor companies over whiskey barrels. And more importantly, what can be called Tennessee whiskey.

At stake is the lucrative and fast-growing market for one of the state's signature products.

Last year, the state legislature created a legal designation of Tennessee whiskey with specific guidelines for when a product can be marketed and sold using that description. Under the state law passed in 2013, the whiskey must be made from fermented mash of at least 51 percent corn, aged in new oak barrels, charcoal mellowed and stored in Tennessee.

Other types of whiskey can be produced in the state, but can't be marketed as Tennessee whiskey. The legislation was promoted last year by Jack Daniel Distillery as a way to protect the whiskey giant's growing market share.

Fast forward to this year's legislative session, and state lawmakers are attempting to tweak the law. The proposed legislation would make one key change to ...more

Buffalo Trace Rye Releases

Posted by Roscoe on 14 Feb 2014 10:40
Four Different Rye Recipe Bourbons are the Latest Experimental Collection Release
Source: Buffalo Trace Distillery
Feb 12th

Barrel entry proof continues to be a topic of debate amongst whiskey makers and avid whiskey fans, with some believing different proofs lead to different results.

Buffalo Trace Distillery was curious as well, and began an experiment on four different entry proofs with its rye recipe bourbon more than 12 years ago. Now these bourbons have come of age and are being released along with Buffalo Trace's findings.

All of the experiments came off the still at a consistent 140 proof, but were put into the barrel for aging using four different entry proofs. All of the barrels were then aged together for 11 years, 9 months and bottled at 90 proof. Here are the details:

Rye 125 - At 125 proof, this was the highest entry proof used, which is also Buffalo Trace's standard entry proof for its rye recipe bourbons. The result was typical of Buffalo Trace's mash #1 findings, a well-balanced bourbon wit...more

Filson Bourbon Academy Brooklyn Kitchen

Posted by bourbonv on 11 Feb 2014 10:45
I am doing a Filson Bourbon Academy at the brooklyn Kitchen on March 30. If you are interested in attending, you can contact the Brooklyn Kitchen. I am also doing a Bourbon tasting on March 29 at the Flatiron Room in Manhattan. You can contact them for ticket information....more

Suntoruy purchases Jim Beam

Posted by bourbonv on 13 Jan 2014 09:40
Here is a link to the C-J article: ... 16-billion...more

Not bourbon but still a loss.

Posted by Duewester on 13 Dec 2013 12:28
Pause please. ... D8543.html...more

'Scotch malt is no match for American whiskey'

Posted by Roscoe on 09 Dec 2013 10:09
Scotch malt whisky is now being outshone by "vastly improved" American brands, leading critic says

Source: Daily Telegraph
By Jake Wallis Simons
08 Dec 2013

For centuries it has been the pride of Scotland. But according to one of the world's leading critics, Scotch malt whisky is now being outshone by "vastly improved" American brands.

Jim Murray, the author of the best-selling Jim Murray's Whisky Bible, claimed contamination had affected the casks used to age whiskies, while bourbons, made in the United States, have improved.

"Everyone automatically thinks that the best whisky is made in Scotland, but there are too many bad casks rattling around," he said.

"Generally speaking, bourbon . has overtaken Scotch. The best whisky is coming not from Scotland any more, but from Kentucky." Buffalo Trace, a bourbon distillery, is "arguably the best distillery in the world", Mr Murray said.

He argued that the main reason for the deterioration in Scotch's quality is the use of sulphur candles to sanitise some barrels.

The copper pot still...more

Buffalo Trace Distillery Opens New Experimental Warehouse

Posted by Roscoe on 29 Nov 2013 10:38
Buffalo Trace Distillery Opens New Experimental Warehouse

Warehouse X Will Enhance Whiskey Research In Search of the Holy Grail

Source: Buffalo Trace Distillery
Nov 22nd

Buffalo Trace Distillery will hold the grand opening today of its experimental barrel warehouse, Warehouse X, that will allow the Distillery to take its quest for the "perfect bourbon" even further.

Comprised of brick, concrete block, and skylights, Warehouse X is the first new building Buffalo Trace has added to its 130 acre complex in more than 60 years. This is no ordinary warehouse though - with a small footprint of only 30 feet by 50 feet, Warehouse X has the capacity of around 150 barrels. Its most compelling feature, however, is four independently operating chambers that allow specific variables to be tested in order to determine their effect on aging barrels. There is also a barrel breezeway with an open air rick underneath a roof in which a small number of barrels will age while being exposed to the natural elements.

The first four variables Buffalo Trace plans to experiment with are natural...more

Buffalo Trace Releases Single Oak Project

Posted by Roscoe on 13 Nov 2013 11:01
Buffalo Trace Distillery Releases Eleventh Round of Single Oak Project Bourbon

Experiment Focuses on Recipe and Warehouse Differences

Source: Buffalo Trace Distillery
Nov 12th

Buffalo Trace Distillery releases the eleventh round of the Single Oak Project Bourbon which focuses on recipe differences, with variances between wheat and rye recipes, and also warehouse type - concrete floor warehouse or wooden floor warehouse.

The wood grain size also varies in this release between coarse, average, or tight, leaving other variables in this experiment constant - char level, tree cut, stave seasoning and entry proof.

Warehouses play a vital part in the aging process of bourbon, and by using two different warehouse types in the Single Oak Project, Warehouse K, a brick warehouse with wooden floors, and Warehouse L, also a brick warehouse but with concrete floors, the differences between the two warehouses can really be examined in this eleventh release.

Warehouse K has nine floors, all wooden, and is considered a good warehouse for different ages of bourbons. It has good air flow, with...more

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