Seagram's Timeline

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Seagram's Timeline

Unread postby bourbonv » Thu Aug 11, 2005 6:29 pm

This is the timeline I put together for Seagram's.

Joseph E Seagram & Sons Inc. History

1818 - "Old Joe" Peyton comes to Kentucky (Anderson County News, June 1906).

1841 - Joseph Emm Seagram is born (Brown, 200 Years of
Tradition: The Story of Canadian Whisky, p.27).

1850 - Medley S Bond takes over the Old Joe distillery (Anderson Co. News, June 1906).

1857 - Joseph E Seagram builds a distillery on his farm in
Waterloo, Ontario to use his excess grain (Beverage
Media Blue Book, History of Seagram).

1864 - William Hespeler, who had founded a distillery in 1857,
Hires Joseph Seagram as a bookkeeper and manager
(Brown, 200 Years of Tradition, p.27).

1865 - Colonel Paul Jones and his son, an officer in a Virginia Regigent CSA return to Atlanta, Ga. and start a distillery and produced Paul Jones Whiskey (1950 Seagrams annual report, p21).

1867 - John Atherton builds his distillery at Athertonville,
Ky. (Belles, Bluegrass and Bourbon, Harry Harrison

1881 - Belle of Anderson County distillery is established by Ed Murphey (Anderson Co. News, June 1906).

1883 - Seagram manages to buy out his partners Hespeler and
Randall changes the name of the company to "Joseph
Seagram Flour Mill and Distillery" (Brown, 200 Years of
Tradition, p. 28).

1885 - Medley S Bond sells the Old Joe distillery to T B Ripy (Anderson Co. News, June 1906).

1886 - Ripy sells Old Joe distillery to Capt. Wiley Searcy (Anderson Co. News, June 1906).

o - Paul Jones Co. moves to Louisville, Ky. (1950 Seagrams Annual Report, p23).

1888 - Fore Roses is created by Paul Jones Co. (1950 Seagrams Annual Report, p23).

1889 - The Bronfram family immigrate from Russia to Canada
(Brown, 200 Years of Tradition, p. 101).

1891 - Samuel Bronfman is born (Who's Who in the Liquor
Indutry, 1966).

1902 - Paul Jones Co. is listed as rectifiers located at 118 E Main St. Louisville, Ky. (UD Archives Uncataloged Refrence Book).

o - Paul Jones becomes part of Frankfort Distilleries (The Book of Bourbon..., Gary and Mardee Regan, p. 134).

1903 - The Bronframs purchase the Anglo-American Hotel in
Emerson Manitoba (Brown, 200 Years of tradition, p.

1911 - The 1911 Midas Financial Index list Paul Jones & Co. as being located at 118-120 E Main St. with a capital value of over $1,000,000. The Frankfort Distillery, Inc. is Dy, No. 33, 7th Dist., Frankfort, Ky. with a capital value of $300,000 to $400,000.

o - Seagram incorporates and changes name to "Joseph E.
Seagram and Sons, Ltd" (Brown, 200 Years of Tradition,

o - Seagram's V.O. is created to celebrate the marriage of
Thomas Seagram. "V.O." probably stands for "Very Own"
(Brown, 200 Years of Tradition, p. 29).

1919 - Joseph Seagram dies (Brown, 200 Years of Tradition, p.

1924 - Bronfman purchases Distillers Corperation Limited
(Who's Who..., 1966).

1928 - The company merges with Distillers Corperation Ltd. of
Montreal and the new company formed is Distillers
Corperation - Seagrms Limited. Samuel Bronfman was the
President of this new company (Bev Med Blue Book,

o - Acquired all outstanding stock of Distiller's Corporation Limited (with a distillery near Montreal, Quebec) and Joseph E. Seagram & Sons Limited (with a distillery at Waterloo, Ontario) (1966 Red Book, p.228).

1933 - Seagram acquires the Lawrenceburg, Indiana distillery
(Bev Med Blue Book, History).

o - Browne-Vitners Co. Inc. is established by E T Browne
and were exclusive agents for White Horse Scotch (Bev
Med Blue Book, History of Brown-Vitners).

o - D.C.L. sells its share of Seagrams to Bronfman (World
Guide to Whiskey, Jackson).

o - Formed a wholly-owned subsidiary Joseph E Seagram & Sons, Inc. (U.S.A.) (1966 Red Book, p.228).

o - Acquires the distillery of Rossville Union Distilleries, Inc. Lawrenceburg, Ind. (1966 Red Book, p.228).

1934 - Seagrams acquires the Relay, Maryland Distillery (Bev
Med Blue Book, History).

o - Seagram's introduces Seven Crown (Liquor Store Magazine, Feb.,70).

o - Seagram buys the rights to use Julius Kessler's name as a brand (Liquor Store Magazine, Feb., 70).

o - Acquires entire issued capital stock of Maryland Distillery, Inc. (1966 Red Book, p. 228).

1937 - Seagrams acquires the Calvert Company (Bev Med Blue
Book, History).

o - A 1937 list of distilled spirits in bond list Frankfort Distillers Inc. with Paul Jones as a subsiduary.

o - The Old Joe Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Ky. is opened.

o - Seagrams opens a distillery in Louisville, Ky. (Brown,
200 Years of Tradition, p. 103).

o - Acquired the trade name of Carstairs Bros. Distilling Company, Inc. of Philadelphia, Pa. (1966 Red Book, p.229).

1938 - Seagram's introduces its Extra-Dry Gin (Liquor Store Magazine, Feb., 70).

1939 - Crown Royal is created to honor a visit by Queen
Elizabeth and King George VI (Brown, 200 Years of
Tradition, p.103).

o - Maryland Distillery, Inc. is merged into Calvert Distilling Company (1966 Red Book, p.229).

1940 - The United States subsidiary acquires the trade names, trademarks, and assets of Browne-Vitners Company Inc., Wilson Distilling Company, Inc. and Hunter Baltimore Rye Distillery, Inc. (1966 Red Book, p.229).

1941 - Seagrams acquires Browne-Vitners Co. Inc. (Bev Med Blue
Book, History).

o - Seagrams acquires Hunter and Wilson Brands acquired
(Bev Med Blue Book, History).

o - Lawrence Jones Dies. He is the grandson of Paul Jones (1950 Seagrams Annual Report, p22).

o - Purchase the entire capital stock of Amherst Distillers Limited and the British Columbia Distillery Company, Limited from the Brewers & Distillers of Vancuver, Limited (1966 Red Book, p.229).

1942 - Seagrams acquires William Jamison Company (Bev Med Blue
Book, History).

o - Acquires the stock of Dant & Dant (Distillery - Louisville); purchases assets of Old Luis Hunter Distillery Company, Gallagher & Burton, Inc. and William Jameson & Company, Inc. (1966 Red Book, p.229).

1943 - Seagrams acquires the Four Roses Distillery in
Frankfort, Kentucky (Bev Med Blue Book, History).

o - Seagrams acquires the McKenna distillery in Fairfield,
Kentucky (Mary Hite, Getz Museum, 12/2/93).

o - Acquired the outstanding stocks of the Frankfort Distilleries, Inc. (West Virginia) which was then dissolved (1966 Red Book, p.229).

o - Frankfort Distilleries is reorganized in Deleware and Paul Jones incorporated in Maryland (1966 Red Book, p.229).

1945 - All stock of subsidiaries in the United States transfered to Joseph E. Seagram & Sons (1966 Red Book, p.229).

1946 - The first time that the trademark "7" with a crown is used (Liquor Store Magazine, Feb., 70).

1950 - The Paul Jones and Four Roses advertisement in the Seagrams Annual Report show these products as blends.

1951 - Kessler's is reintroduced after being taken off the market in World War II due to a shortage of Whiskey (Liquor Store Magazine, Feb., 70).

1953 - United Distillers Limited is acquired and its name
changed to Thomas Adams Distillery (Brown, 200 Years of
Tradition, p.103).

1954 - Four Rose Distilling Co. is a New York based sales company (Who's Who in the Distilling Industry).

1955 - Montmorency Distillery Ltd. of Beaupre', Quebec is
acquired (Brown, 200 Years of Tradition, p. 103).

o - Acquired from National Distillers distilleries at Broadford, Pa., Dundalk, Maryland, and Montmorency, Quebec (1966 Red Book, p.229).

1957 - Chivas Royal Salute introduced to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (Liquor Store Magazine, 2/70).

1958 - The Beverage Media Blue Book has Four Roses advertised as economy brand with Paul Jones & Co., Inc. as being located in Dundalle, Md. and Four Roses Distilling Co. in Shively, Ky.

1960 - Acquired Leroux & Company, Inc. (1966 Red Book, p.229).

1963 - Calvert Extra is introduced (Liquor Store Magazine, 2/70).

1964 - Calvert Gin is introduced (Liquor Store Magazine, 2/70).

o - Acquired Sir Robert Burnett & Company, Ltd. (United Kingdom) (1966 Red Book, p.229).

o - Sells Pharmcraft Laboratories Division to Wallace & Tiernan fro approximately 270,000 shares of stock (1966 Red Book, p.229).

1965 - Seagram's introduces 100 Pipers Scotch whisky (Liquor Store Magazine, Feb., 70).

1968 - Seagram's introduces Seagram's Benchmark Premium Bourbon (Liquor Store Magazine, Feb., 70).

1971 - Samuel Bronfram dies (Brown, 200 Years of Tradition, p.

1974 - The last whiskey is made at the Fairfield, McKenna,
distillery (The Kentucky Standard, April 15, 1976).

o - Seagram's begins to distribute Jameson's Irish Whiskey (Seagram's Annual Report, 1975).

1975 - Seagrams introduces Eagle Rare Bourbon (Seagram's Annual Report, 1975).

o - The company changes its name from Distillers Corporation Seagrams to the Seagrams Company Ltd (Seagram's Annual Report, 1975).

1976 - Seagrams closes the McKenna distillery and sells the
property (Mary Hite, Getz Museum, 12/2/93).

1978 - Seagrams acquires Glenlivet Distilleries Limited of Scotland (1st Quarter Report for Seagrams, Oct. 1978).

o - Seagrams acquires the Wine and Spirits Division of Dalgety Australia, Ltd. (2nd Quarter Report for Seagrams, Jan. 1979).

1983 - Seagrams closes down operations in Louisville, Ky. (Courier-Journal, 5/12/93).

1996 - Seagrams challenges the self imposed industry ban on television advertisement in the United States by airing advertisements for Crown Royal in Corpus Christi, Texas (Courier-Journal, June 12, 1996).

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