Two strange fellows meet for a discussion

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Two strange fellows meet for a discussion

Unread postby Mike » Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:45 pm

For no good reason, save perhaps perversity, I was taking a sip of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, something I usually put in the service of making a vatting a bit more tannic. Then, again, that same perversity drove me to compare it to the Jack Daniels Barrel Proof whiskey (reduced to the same proof as the 90 proof Woodford). Now, yall and all, I allow that this game has no point, hence the perversity.

Still, I would claim that being a Bourbon Enthusiast is sufficient reason to get on with the game, even in spite of the fact that all these two whiskies have in common is that they are bourbons, except for the Jack Daniels, which is technically not a bourbon. I proceed under license granted many years ago by Mark Twain (who, upon occasion in the dead of night (give me a wee bit of credit here for a poor pun) has a sip with me and my imaginary dog, Barleycorn), who said, 'Never let the truth get in the way of a good story'. That this may not be a good story is for you to undecide.

Having rarely had the WRDO on its own, I was a bit surprised by how much I liked it. To be sure it is on the dry side and has its tannins on full display, but it also has some spice. Twixt the tannins and the rye the finish is long, and seems well beyond its 90 proof in heat........... quite a surprise to me. I would call it full bodied.

As to the Jack, reduced to 90 proof, it is Jack, completely drinkable, and inoffensive.......... there are worse whiskies, and there are better whiskies at 90 proof. At 80 proof I drink no whiskey except Four Roses (call me a snob).

At the full 132+- proof, the Jack is better, in spite of the after burn. Moral, don't drink Jack at less than 100 proof (the Single Barrel), unless of course you are a panty waist (OK, folks that was an almost unforgivable attempt at humor).

As to the Jack at 90 proof and the WRDO at 90 proof, give me the WRDO every time. I say this knowing that probably 90 proof of you would prefer the JD. Note that, Bourbon Enthusiast (that would be you) is what palate is about. Mine ain't yours and versa vice.

All drinking of alcoholic beverages is a vice. In Life you must choose among many vices, basically you pays your money and you takes your choice among the vices. Now, if you will, consider that I consider that giving to some religious organizations is a lot like a vice, but that is mere opinion, nothing more.

As to Jack Daniel, I think the Single Barrel at 100 proof is excellent, at less than 100 proof, my opinion is that is is just a decent whiskey, nothing to get excited about, although, it is probably better than Maker's Mark in that it has a finish.

Now, should there be a Heaven, and should I be invited there, I expect to learn something in regard to my shortcomings as to my opinions on whiskey. In the meantime, you are invited to enumerate them from your point of view, and, if it makes you feel better, to berate me on other matters.
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Re: Two strange fellows meet for a discussion

Unread postby ebo » Sat Apr 22, 2017 5:24 pm

As usual..... great post/story! I'm with you on the Jack Daniel's.
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