1 Year Into Bourbon: 9 Brand Impressions

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1 Year Into Bourbon: 9 Brand Impressions

Unread postby MONewbie » Fri Dec 25, 2015 9:13 pm

I started drinking bourbon a year ago, and still no friends willing to drink anything buy the Leopold. I'd rather drink a double to feel the same effects of 6 beers, but to each their own.
I don't have a good enough nose yet to describe the noses. It is like coffee and roses, most the time it smells good. Since I'm coming from other liquors I thought I would describe my experience, and OBVIOUSLY would love recommendations. Thankfully, bourbon and scotch have become go to gifts for me as I'm hard to shop for, but it still has been expensive making mistakes. I'm not sure I can describe from worst to first since I"m starting to realize I don't like silky smooth (Basil Hayden) as I could get extremely drunk off that and also realize I like a little character.

Old Hochstedders Slow and Low Rock and Rye- The liquor store guy said this was a favorite at tailgates and I see why. The crushed rock candy makes it fairly unique. I've found nothing like it. I've went through two bottles. Even though I found it easy to drink, friends still shy away.

Leopold Brothers Peach - Haven't opened up the blackberry for New Years yet, but it will go down with the party. It goes without saying that it is sweet, but the peach to me was much more a crowd pleaser than apple. Follow the directions and don't let sit more than 1-2 months after opening. The color and palate change drastically.

Colonel Taylor- RYE i think. I couldn't handle this earlier this year. As an amateur I would of said this will grow hair on your chest. It was harsh and I couldn't handle it. I can't remember which one it was as it was a gift.

Four Roses Single Barrel- I think I liked it quite a bit. I drank the bottle over the past year. It had character I remember. Not too spicy as I put it, but not smooth either.

Angels Envy- I didn't see what all the fuss was about. Seemed expensive.

RIght Now I have 4 given to me along with some Glenmoargie and Glenlivet 12 year. I did a 6 way taste test tonight.
Basil Hayden - Extremely (TOO) smooth. None to very minimal aftertaste. Nothing on the tongue while it rested there either. I would think somebody that doesn't like bourbon or is scared to try it, this would be a starter?

Jeffersons Very Small Batch- Similar to Basil, with more of a peppery aftertaste. Very minimal though.

Eagles Rare 10- I think I understand what people mean by complex. I thought it was smooth, and then I didn't. Different things are happening in my mouth and throat. I would describe it as an interesting drink.

Elijah Craig 12 - Pepper or Spice, I don't know the word. I notice it on the tongue and then it is much more pronounced on the swallow. I thought I disliked it compared to Eagle the first time and when I got Jeff and BH I realized it slowed me down because of that slight kick.

Glenlivet 12- That is similar to BH in scotch world I would think . Has more flavor though.

Glenmorargie- Too much going on and harsh to me.

I'm sure I described some of these in the wrong terms. I'm leary of spending the $45-60 range on bourbons, because I know some people would call one that have too much "harshness" for me to be good. I don't like making that face where I just sucked on a lemon. At the same time I'm learning that I do appreciate some character vs. velvety smooth.

I usually drink neat, and sometimes with an ice cube or two. I'm trying to decide if I want the spherical ice cube maker or that ice wedge.
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Re: 1 Year Into Bourbon: 9 Brand Impressions

Unread postby mhatzung » Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:29 pm

Wow, you've sure tried a range of bourbons. Don't be afraid of the $20 range. There are some very good bourbons in that price range.
I would suggest a standard Beam product next (Black label perhaps) or Woodford Reserve (~$35). With so many good bourbons out there, it is really hard to say what to try next.

No matter what you choose, you really can't go wrong.
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Re: 1 Year Into Bourbon: 9 Brand Impressions

Unread postby Birdo » Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:57 am

I suggest trying all the big distillers mid-shelf offerings. Great bourbon at a fair price. Like my drinking buddy said, Beam Black is good stuff.

I've been big on Old Grand Dad 114 lately, insane stuff at a nice price. Barton Brands 1792 has been good too.
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Re: 1 Year Into Bourbon: 9 Brand Impressions

Unread postby whiskey buyer » Wed Jun 08, 2016 12:37 pm

Not to be technical, but both Glenlivet and Glenorainge are not bourbons, they are scotch.

Having said that, I tried Woodford Reserve last week, and really, really enjoyed it. I found it to have a very good flavor, and it is very smooth. I did not get that typical burn that you get with less expensive bourbons.

I have tried Evan Williams, Ezra Brooks, Knob Creek, and Bulleit, as well. I think Woodford Reserve is so far the best I have tried.
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