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Mida's Financial Index 1909 - Maryland

Unread postPosted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:51 pm
by bourbonv
Since I know a coup[le of people who live in Maryland, who are interested in Maryland distilleries and the list is fairly short - just 9 pages of the index, I am going to keystroke in the Maryland companies. Use the same key as the Kentucky companies for value and such.

Accident (Garrett Co.) (R)
EE Miller, M.J., & Sons
Distillers, Dy. No. 10

EE Abbott, C.W., &Co. (Inc.) (R)
206 S. Charles St.
Acker, Merrall & Condit Co. (Inc.) (G)
(Branch N.Y. House) 220-222 N. Charles St.
EE Alvater, Louis (R)
125 Cheapside
BBB American Distibuting Co. (R)
(A.L. Webb & Sons B'ch) 115-117 E Lombard St.
FF Arey, D.L., Distilling Co. (R)
21-22 E. Pratt St.
Baltimore Distilling Co., The
Foot of Warner St., Distillers, Dy.No. 27, Address 632-4 W. 34th St., New York City
FF Bass, Sam'l (R)
2 W. Pratt St.
BB Bluthenthal & Bickert (R)
Lombard & South Sts.
EE Bokel, J.A. Co. (Inc.) (R)
45 So. Gay St.
FF Boone, Daniel A., & Co. (W)
117 Mercer St.
EEE Broderick, W.E., & Co. (R)
47 So. Gay St.
Bronstein, Gershon (R)
1601 E. Baltimore St. (No other information)
CCC Bruce, E.B., Co. (Inc.) (R)
419-21 E. Lombard St.
AAAA Cahn, Belt & Co. (Inc.) (R)
124-126 South St.
Canton Distilleries Co.
Clinton St. and Fourth Ave., Distillers, Dy.No. 6 (No other information)
DD Carroll Springs Dist. Co. (R)
815-17 Frederick Ave., Distillers, Dy.No. 21
EEE Carroll, Thos. G., & Sons Co. (Inc.) (R)
416 W. Baltimore St.
Cassard, Reese, Co., The
410 St. Paul St. (No other information)
D Cassidy, Thos. F. (R)
1001 Hillen St.
Colonial Distributing Co. (R)
(C. West & Sons Branch) Front and Fayette Sts.
Columbia RE-Distilling Co. (R)
Columbia Ave. & Putnam St. (No other information)
EE Cranston, Jack, Company (R)
115 Mercer St.
CC Daly, H.J., & Co. (R)
116 So. Frederick St.
DDD Dawson, R.T., & Co. (R)
127 So. Howard St.
CC Depkin, Wm., & Co. (R)
500 So. Hanover St.
FF Distillers' Distributing Co.
124 W. Baltimore St.
EE Elder-Harrison Co. (Inc.)
206 Water St.
FF Fairall Co., The (FA)(G)
303 N. Charles St.
Fleischmann Co., The, (Inc.) (R)
(Branch of N.Y. House) 2334-40 North Ave. East
CC Frensdorf & Brown
Colgate Station, Distillers, Dy.No. 31
FFF Freidenwald, J.H., & Co. (R)
107-11 N. Eutaw St.
EE Garrett-Williams Co. (Inc.) (R)
205-07 W. Canden St.
C Gilpin, Henry B., & Co., The, (Inc.) (D)
200-202 W. Lombard St.
EEGolden Gate Wine Co. (R)(W)
411 Exchange St.
EE Goodwin, R.P.
12-14 So. Calvert St.
B Gottschalk Co., The, (Inc.) (R)
108-118 Light St.
Gow, John & Co., (Inc.)
124-26 South St. (No other information)
H Greenbaum, Myer
224 E. Pratt St.
CCC Gump, G. & Sons (R)
430-32 E. Pratt St.
GG Haas, Leopold
7 N. Pine St.
Highspire Distillery Co., Ltd.
329 St. Paul St., Distillers, Dy.No. 1 Dauphin Co. Pa.
BBBB Hopper, McGaw & Co. (G)
344-46 N. Charles St.
EE John, Albert & Sons
409 N. Calvert St.
Jordan, A.M., Co. (Inc.)
308-10 E. Lombard St. (No other information)
FF Keller, Fred., & Sons
2024 Orleans St.
HH Krieger, Herrmann
1 E. Lee St.
DD Kuble & Love (W)
36 So. Calvert St.
HH Kunz, John (R)
409 W. Pratt St.
DDD Lamdin, Thompson & Co. (R)
117 Light St.
AAAA Lanahan, Wm., & Son (R)
20-24 Light St.
HH Lawson, R.F.H. (G)
1120 Cathedral St.
FFF Lobs, Phillip & Son (R)
204 W. Pratt St.
DD McGaw & Droman (R)
315 So. Charles St.
BBBB Martin & Mv Andrews (R)
419-421 W. Franklin St.
B Maryland Distilling Co.
N. Saratoga & Davis Sts., Distillers, Dy. No. 7
DD Matthews, N.M. & Co. (R)
34 E Pratt St.
BBB Melvale Distillery Co., (Inc.)
508-509 Continental Trust Bldg., Distillers, Dy.No. 5 Melvale, Md.
BBBB Meyer, Pitts & Co. (R)
308-310 Exchange Pt.
Miller, Frank
2334-40 E. North Ave. (No other information)
BBB Monticello Distilling Co. (Inc.)
411-13 North St., Distillers, Dy.No. 1
Mount Vernon Distillery
Dy.No. 3 District Maryland, Address Hannis Distilling Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
F Nordenholz, Ernest E. (R)
542 W. Biddle St.
FFF Rasin, Craig & Conner (R)
116-118 So. Calvert St.
BB Records & Goldsborough (R)
N.W. cor. Light & Lombard St.
EEE Rosenheim, H., & Son (R)
413 W. Baltimore St.
BBBB Ross, Charles H., & Co. (R)
109-113 Commerce St.
A Roxbury Distilling Co., The
32 Light St., Distillers, Dy.No. 15 Roxbury, Washington Co., Md.
HHScherbel, John G., & Sons (R)
659-61 W. Pratt St.
F Schlaffin, G., & Co. (G)
222 N. Eutaw St.
FF Schild, Jacob, & Co. (W)
406 E. Fayette St.
DDD Schmidt, A.C., & C0. (R)
407-11 W. Franklin St.
EE Shea & McGuire (R)
506 N. Gay St.
A Sherwood Distilling Co., The
604-5 Fidelity Building, Distillers, Dy.No. 2 Cockeysville, Baltimore Co., Md.
FFF Siegel, Franz J. (R)
750 E. Lombard St.
GG Sonneborn, L., & Co.
325 W. Pratt St.
EEE Stabler, Jordan, Co. (Inc.) (G)
701-05 W. Madison St.
GG Stalio, Geo. (R)
1214 Pennsylvania Ave.
F Stansberg, S. (R)
201 W. Pratt St.
Stonebraker, Jos. R., & Co. (R)
15 E Lombard St. (No other information)
GG Strass, Louis
217-219 N. Gay St.
DD Thornton, B., & Co. (R)
609 Forrest St.
DD Triaca Co., The (R)
Light & Pratt St.
FF Ulman, I. & Sons (R)
6 W. Pratt St.
C Ulman, Boykin & Co. (R)
212 E. Lombard St.
EEE Umbach, Geo. W., Co., The (R)
Hanover & Perry Sts.
United Distributing Co. (R)
21-22 E. Balderston St. (No other information)
HH Vogtmann, Louis, & Son (R)
843-45 Montford St.
EE Voneiff Bros. (R)
22 N. Greene St.
F Wagner, Henry W., Co. (R)
1808 Eastern Ave.
GG Walter, John Geo. (R)
109-117 W. Camden St,
AAAA Wilson Dist'lg Co., The, (Inc.) (R)
10 Belair Ave.
C Wincke-Bauernschmidt Co., The
20 E. Camden St., Cecil Distillery, Distillers, Dy.No. 10, Highlandtown, Baltimore Co., Md.
GG Wright, George W., & Son (G)
302-304 Light St.
GG Zirckel, E. V.
1821 Canton Ave.

Burkittsville (Frederick Co.)
D Outerbridge Horsey Co., The
Distillers, Dy.No. 17
Pure Rye Distilling Co., The
Distillers, Dy.No. 14 (No other information)

Canton (Baltimore Co.)
Federal Distilling Co.
Distillers, Dy.No. 29 Office New York City
Maryland Pure Rye Distillery
Dy.No. 9 Address Julius Kessler & Co., Chicago Ill.

Carrollton (Carroll Co.)
CCC McGinnis, A., Co.
Distillers, Dy.No. 28

Cockeysville (Baltimore Co.)
Sherwood Distilling Co., The
Distillers, Dy.No.2 Office Baltimore, Md.
BB Wright & Hyland Co. (G)

Colgate (Baltimore Co.)
Federal Distilling Co.
Distillers, Dy.No. 26 Office New York City

Cumberland (Allegany Co.)
AA Clark, Jas., Distilling Co. (Inc.), The (R)
Distillers, Dy.No.20
FF Herring and Carpenter
EE Lichtenstein Co., The (R)
E Smith, Phil.
GG Stump, John J., & Co.

GG Hammond, Chas. E.
EEE Walker, W.W. (R)
CC Wilson & Stevenson (R)

Havre de Grace
EE Hecht, Isaac, & Bo. (R)

Highlandtown (Baltimore Co.)
Carstairs Bros.
Distillers, Dy.No. 12, Office Philadelphia, Pa.
FFF McGinnis Bros. Co.
Distillers, Dy.No.31
Wineke-Bauernschmidt Co., The
Distillers, Dy.No.10 Office Baltimore Maryland

Hyattstown (Montgomery Co.)
FFF Price, Levi
Distiller, Dy.No. 18

Kings Valley (Montgomery Co.)
EEE King, Luther G.
Distiller, Dy.No. 4

Melvale (Baltimore Co.)
Melvale Distillery Co.
Distillers, Dy.No. 5 Office Baltimore, Md.

Pikesville (Baltimore Co.)
CC Winand Distilling Co., The
Distillers, Dy.No.25 Wm. Rogers & Son, Sole Agts., Baltimore, Md.

Roxbury (Washington Co.)
Roxbury Distilling Co., The
Distillers, Dy.No. 15 Office Baltimore, Md.

EE Miller's, M.J., Sons (R)

Re: Mida's Financial Index 1909 - Maryland

Unread postPosted: Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:53 pm
by bourbonv
As with Kentucky, I will edit and add to the list as time allows. I have 3 of the 9 pages done and 3 more are still Baltimore. All of the companies with rectifying license shows that Maryland rye was a rectified blended whiskey.

Re: Mida's Financial Index 1909 - Maryland

Unread postPosted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 8:36 pm
by bourbonv
I have finished Baltimore.

How close are these places located? Is there a "whiskey row" in Maryland that covers a couple of blocks or are they seperated throughout town?

Re: Mida's Financial Index 1909 - Maryland

Unread postPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2008 11:38 am
by bourbonv
Finished with Maryland.