Guckenheimer Timeline

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Guckenheimer Timeline

Unread postby bottlebee » Sun Oct 19, 2008 10:32 am

I am making up a display of Guckenheimer bottles from 1857 to present. What I am planning to do is replicate the old Guckenheimer labels as best I can, artificially age them and affix them onto antique whiskey bottles from my bottle collection.

But to do the project,,,

I need to establish what type of ‘quart’ as well as ‘pint flask’ was in use for each time period from 1857 till screw top.

From dating my whiskey bottles, it appears the basic ‘clear cork top quart’ was perhaps in use from 1857, but I am not sure of this.

Also wanting to know if Guckenheimer what type of pint flask would have been commonly used from 1857 till screw top, and if the ‘warranted flask’ would have been typically used for Guckenheimer. If so, of particular interest would be the date when the changeover from ‘warranted flasks’ to the standard ‘cork top flask’ and then ‘screw top’ would have taken place with Guckenheimer.

I have a basic knowledge that will enable me to estimate the date of each of my old whiskey bottles, but precise ‘changeover’ dates, would be of great value to me.

Also seeking clear pictures or scans of old Guckenheiemr labels and bottles, as well as the date assigned to them.

Thanks in advance!

For your entertainment:
Here are some old newspaper scans of Guckenheimer stuff you can check out. It is far from complete, I still need to get some them in a craniological order, and eliminate duplicates and 'junk'.

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Re: Guckenheimer Timeline

Unread postby bottlebee » Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:02 pm

Thanks mozilla!

I've been buying up 'G' stuff for a display.
I’m finding however, that some items are extremely difficult to find.

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Re: Guckenheimer Timeline

Unread postby Kinsey Worker » Fri Dec 05, 2008 10:17 am

Bottlebee There is some where out there A Guckenheimer Bottle with Dsp-pa-1 on it as in the warehouse at Kinsey there were many broken up cases that stated Guckenheimer with Linfield Dsp-pa-12 and distilled Dsp-pa-1. For a short time Continental owned the Guckenheimer Brand and other Brands that had belonged to the Old American Distilling out of IL. When it went to making Ethonal Publicker bought the brands. I have a Bourbon Supreme Box with unlabeld bottles with our Name and Also Still Brook Corn Whiskey Bottles in my collection but the only Guckenheimer Bottles that were left there were smashed to nothing!

Just though i would add another one to look for in Guckenheimer.
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