Yellowstone Brand timeline

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Yellowstone Brand timeline

Unread postby bourbonv » Thu Aug 11, 2005 6:51 pm

This is a very interesting history of brand and distilleries.

Yellowstone History

1836 - Yellowstone, "One of Kentucky's earliest and best known
distillers made this for his personal use". Given the
name Yellowstone in 1872. (F. B. Thompson, Spirit of
Old Kentucky.)

o - J W Dant built distillery at Dant (Kentucky Beverage
Journal, Nov '56).

o - J B Dant was one of seven sons of J W Dant. All became
involved in the distilling industry (Spirits, 1936,
Filson Club).

1854 - J B Dant makes his first barrel of the whiskey that
later became Yellowstone (Spirits, 1936, Filson Club).

1865 - Distillery moved from Dant to Gethsemane, Ky. The
production of this distillery was distributed by Taylor
and Williams. (Ky Bev Jrnl, Nov '56).

o - D H Taylor and Company is founded. (Illustrated
Louisville, 1890).

1872 - Yellowstone name given to 1854 brand by J B Dant to
honor the first national park. (F B Thompson, Spirit of
Old Kentucky).

o - Note: Charles Townsend, salesman, suggested the name
change after a trip out west and a poll suggesting that
westerners would buy a brand with that name (Ky Bev
Jrnl, Nov '56).

1876 - J T Williams joins Taylor to form Taylor and Williams.
Williams is originally from Nashville.

1878 - J T Williams becomes the head of the Company.
(Illustrated Louisville, 1890).

o - Taylor and Williams is first listed in the Louisville
City Directory. Their location is at 27 3rd Street,
between Main and River (U of L Archives).

1882 - Taylor and Williams moves to 133 3rd Street (Louisville
City Directory, U of L Archives).

1886 - Taylor and Williams are advertising their 3 biggest
brands - Yellowstone, Honey Dew and Rich Hill - in the
book Industries of Louisville and of New Albany. The
same article states that their trade extends throughout
the southern and western states as wellas Illinios,
Michigan and New York.

1891 - J B Dant is listed as owner of the Cold Springs Distillery, Gethsemane, Kentucky (Wine and Spirits Bulletin, Jan. 1891).

1892 - John T Williams buys out David H Taylor for $50,000.
(UD Archives, 992.m.167).

o - Taylor and Williams moves to 107 West Main Street
(Louisville City Directory, U of L Archives).

1894 - Yellowstone's warehouse designated "US government
Bonded Warehouse No 1" (C Morris, Glenmore, 15/11/91).

1900 - J B Dant gains control of Taylor and Williams and
merges the distillery with the distributers. (Ky Bev
Jrnl, Nov '56).

1903 - J. T. Williams dies (U D Archive 992.m.167).

1906 - Taylor and Williams moves to 843 West Main Street
(Louisville City Directory, U of L Archives).

1911 - The 1911 Mida's Financial Index list the address of the main office of Taylor and Williams as 831 W Main St with Distilleries Dy. No. 240 and Dy. No. 405, both of the 5th Dist., Gethsemane, Ky. with a capital value of $300,000 to $400,000.

1912 - J B Dant builds his distillery at Gethsemane, Kentucky
to make Yellowstone (History of Nelson County,

1914 - The Louisville City Directory list Taylor and Williams
at 831 West Main Street (U of L Archives).

1920 - Yellowstone bottled for "medicinal purposes only"
during prohibition (Ky Bev Jrnl, Nov '56).

o - The Louisville City Directory list Taylor and Williams
at 37 Our Home Life Building (U of L Archives).

1921 - Taylor and Williams moves to 302 West Main (Louisville
City Directory, U of L Archives).

1932 - Yellowstone allows Brown-Forman to bottle and sell
Yellowstone for Medicinal purposes. (UD Archives,

1933 - Taylor and Williams build the Yellowstone Distillery in
Louisville, Ky. (Ky Bev Jrnl, Nov '56).

o - Taylor and Williams moves its offices to 210 Norton
Building (Louisville City Directory, U of L Archives).

o - When Taylor and Williams builds the Yellowstone
distillery in Louisville, they move one of the old
warehouses from their Gethsemane, Ky distillery to
Louisville and make it warehouse "A" at the Yellowstone
distillery (Belles, Bluegrass and Bourbon, Harry
Harrison Kroll).

1934 - Taylor and Williams moves its offices to 7th Street
Road on the premises of their distillery (Louisville
City Directory, U of L Archives).

o - Timken Roller Bearing Company purchases the Gethsemane
distillery and operates the distillery as Dant and Head
(Hist. Nelson Co., Distilleries).

1940 - National Distillers purchases the Dant and Head
distillery (Hist. Nelson Co., Distilleries).

1944 - Glenmore purchases Yellowstone brand and distillery in
Louisville. (Kentucky Historical and Cultural Pathways
June, 1991).

o - Arm and Hammer purchases the Gethsemane distillery
(Hist. Nelson Co., Distilleries).

1953 - Gethsemane distillery is sold to Schenley (Hist. Nelson
Co., Distilleries).

1960's - Yellowstone is the largest selling brand in Kentucky.
(UD Archives, 992.m.167).

1966 - David Sherman Corporation is listed as Rectifiers,
Bonded Warehouses, and importers, but not distillers
(1966 Red Book, p.51).

1985 - The Shively Yellowstone distillery is shut down (C
Morris, 28/1/93).

1991 - Guiness acquires Glenmore (C Morris, Glenmore,

1993 - Yellowstone Brand is sold to Heaven Hill and the
distillery is sold to Florida Distillers (M. Veach,

o - Heaven Hill sells the Brand to David Sherman (M. Veach,

Mike Veach
Mike Veach
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