Glenmore Time Line

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Glenmore Time Line

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Here is a history Time Line for Glenmore Distilling Company.

Glenmore History

1849 - Monarch Distillery founded in Owensboro. (UD Archives,

1871 - Glenmore - James Thompson, immigrant from Ireland,
started making whiskey in Owensboro. His brother-in
-law, Harry Barton joined him and discovered the supply
of Limestone water at a constant 55 degrees that
allowed distillation throughout the summer. (Kentucky
Historical and Cultural Pathways, June 1991).

o - Note: James: born 5 May 1855 in Londonderry, entered
USA 1871, worked for uncles Sam and John Getty in
Bowling Green, Ky. for two years to pay for
transportation to USA. 1873 to R. Knott & Co., Dry
Goods Louisville, Ky. (C Lee, Hist of Glenmore).

1876 - James Thompson, with 2nd cousin George Brown, form
Brown Thompson. Brown is manager, Thompson is salesman.
Their first product is Old Forrester Bourbon. (C Lee,
Hist of Glenmore).

1881 - R. Monarch and E.P. Millet start a distillery which
produces Kentucky Tavern (UD Archives, uncataloged

o - Brown-Thompson first appears in the Louisville City
Directory at 243 Main, near 7th Street (Louisville City
Directory, U of L Archives).

1882 - Brown-Thompson moves to 125 West Main (Louisville City
Directory, U of L Archives).

1889 - James Thompson resigns from Brown Thompson [later Brown
Forman] to set up with brother Francis P Thompson in
James Thompson and Brother (C Lee, Hist of Glenmore).

1891 - Thompson Bros. is first listed in the Louisville City
Directory. Their location is 138 West Main Street (U of
L Archives).

o - The Glenmore Distillery advertised in the Wine and Spirits Bulletin (Jan. 1891).

o - Monarch distillery in Peria Ill. burns down on Jan. 11, 1891 (Wine and Spirits Bulletin, Jan.1, 1891, page 31).

o - Francis P Thompson died on Jan. 8, 1891. He was under 30 years of age. (Wine and Spirit Bulletin, Jan.1, 1891).

o - Glenmore Bourbon listed bulk bourbon for sell, with product as old as spring 89 for sale (Wine and Spirit Bulletin, Jan 1, 1891).

1892 - An R Monarch advertisement in the Wine and Spirits Bulletin advertises Kentucky Club, T J Monarch, R Monarch and Glenmore Brands (Louisville Public Library).

1893 - A fire at the Monarch distillery causes nearly one
million dollars in damage (UD Archives, Uncataloged

1894 - James Thompson marries Atlanta W Barton. (C Lee, Hist
of Glenmore).

1898 - Monarch distillery goes bankrupt. (UD Archives,
Uncataloged file).

1900 - Wine and Spirit Journal has announcement of public
auction of the Monarch/Glenmore distillery. (Louisville
Public Library).

o - N M Uri moves to a new building and sells his old building to James Thompson and Bros. The building was at 1st and Main and Thompson spent two months remodeling the building, making it "the most complete blending house in the country" (Wine and Spirit Bulletin, Jan.1, 1900, page 8)

1901 - National Distillers attempt to take over all Kentucky
distilleries. (C Lee, Hist of Glenmore).

o - The auction notice for the Glenmore Distillery appears in the Wine and Spirit Bulletin (Jan.1, 1901, page 27).

o - James Thompson buys Monarch distillery for $30,000 and
(C Lee, Hist of Glenmore).

o - Glenmore became the largest distillery in Kentucky at
that time, producing 720 barrels per day. (C Lee, Hist
of Glenmore).

o - Louisville hosts the Knights Templar's Triennial Conclave. Louisville distillers put up electric light displays on their store fronts including James Thompson and Brother (Wine and Spirits Bulletin, Oct.1, 1901, p.20).

1902 - Thompson Bros. moves to East Main Street (Louisville
City Directory, U of L Archives).

1903 - The Kentucky Tavern trademark first registered (Liquor Store Magazine, Feb., 70).

1908 - Thompson Bros. moves to 143-145 West Main Street
(Louisville City Directory, U of L Archives).

1911 - The 1911 Mida's Financial Index list The following Companies: Jas. Thompson and Bro. (Inc.) 127 W. Main St. Louisville $150,000 to $175,000 capital. Glenmore Distilling Co. Dy. No. 24, 2nd Dist. Owensboro, Ky. $125,000 to $150,000 capital. Mint Springs Distillery Co. 217 Fulton Ave. Evansville, Ind. $20,000 tp $25,000 capital value.

1912 - Harry S. Barton (Brother-in-law James Thompson) takes
over as manager of Glenmore Distillery. (C Lee, Hist of

1913 - Harry Barton built a new distillery. (Ky Hist & Cult
Path, June 1991).

o - The Louisville City Directory list James Thompson and
Brother at 127 West Main (U of L Archives).

1919 - Glenmore obtained permit to produce "medicinal whiskey"
during prohibition. (Ky Hist & Cult Path, June 1991).

1920 - Thompson and Brother moves to 302 West Main (Louisville
City Directory, U of L Archives).

1924 - James Thompson dies and Joseph Englehard becomes the
President of Thompson Bros. (C Lee, Hist of Glenmore).

1927 - James Thompson and Brother and Thompson Holding Co.
merge with Glenmore Distillery to form Glenmore
Distillery to sell medicinal alcohol. (UD Archives,

o - The new Glenmore offices moves to 610 Starks Building
(Louisville City Directory, U of L Archives).

1933 - Stock of 31,000 barrels of aged whiskey allows instant
shipping to all distributors. (Ky Hist & Cult Path,
June 1991).

o - Frank Thompson and Owsley Brown go to Washington to
help formulate the new code for the liquor industry
(Nothing Better in the Market, John Ed Pearce).

1934 - Glenmore is the first company to introduce a special
holiday package. (Ky Hist & Cult Path, June 1991).

o - Glenmore moves its offices to 711 Brent Street
(Louisville City Directory, U of L Archives).

1936 - Glenmore offices are moved to the 3rd floor of the
building at 660 South 4th Street (Louisville City
Directory, U of L Archives).

1938 - A fire at Glenmore destroys 4 warehouses, the bottling
house and shipping building. (Courier Journal article).

o - The fire destroys 33,000 barrels of aged whiskey as
well as substantial quantities of bottled whiskey. (UD
Archives, 992.m.192)

1941 - Harry S Barton dies. (Glenmore Annual Report, 1941).

1942 - Glenmore voluntarily curtails sales to make existing
stock last longer. Most production is done for war
alcohol. (Glenmore Annual Report, 1942).

1943 - Incorporated in Deleware (1966 Red Book, p.232).

1944 - Glenmore purchases Yellowstone brand and distillery in
Louisville, Ky. (Kentucky Beverage Journal, Nov '56).

1946 - Glenmore purchases Old Happy Hollow Distillery (1946
Glenmore Annual Report).

1948 - Glenmore acquires Campbellsville Cooperage Co. (Bev.
Med. Blue Book, History).

o - Glenmore sells Old Happy Hollow Distillery (1948
Glenmore Annual Report).

1954 - Glenmore becomes importers for King's Ransom and House
of Lords Scotch. (Glenmore Annual Report, 1954).

1955 - Glenmore Vodka is introduced. (Glenmore Annual Report,

o - Glenmore barrels its 2,000,000th barrel of whiskey
(1956 Glenmore Annual Report).

1956 - Glenmore launches the "Mellow-mash" campaign. (Ky Bev
Jrnl, Nov '56).

o - Glenmore first produces Kentucky Tavern as an 86 proof bourbon (UD Archives, 994.m.12)

1959 - Glenmore introduces Glenmore Gin and also becomes the
first distillery to break the self-imposed ban on using
women to sell distilled spirits. (Glenmore Annual
Report, 1959).

1960 - Glenmore purchases a Columbia Illinois distillery (1961
Glenmore Annual Report).

o - Acquired the Columbia Distilling Company, Columbia Illinios (1966 Red Book, p.232).

1961 - Glenmore purchases 141 acres of land in Indiana for
building additional storage warehouses (1961 Glenmore
Annual Report).

o - Glenmore constructs a modern cooperage plant in
Lebannon, Ky. (1961 Glenmore Annual Report).

1962 - Glenmore Marketing Committee formed. Glenmore did some
marketing in the 1950's, but did not get into it
themselves until 1960's. (C Lee, Hist of Glenmore).

1963 - Thompson Cellar Co. formed to handle importation and
sale of Scotch and other imported items. (C Lee, Hist
of Glenmore).

o - Glenmore drops the House of Lords and King's Ransom
brands and picks up Mackenzie Scotch. (Glenmore Annual
Report, 1963).

o - Contracted to import and sell "The Real Mackenzie" Scotch Whisky (1966 Red Book, p.232).

1965 - Englehard retires as president of Glenmore and Frank
B Thompson Jr. becomes the new president. (C Lee, Hist
of Glenmore).

1966 - Glenmore receives Industry Human Relations award. Photograph of Col. Thompson, L. Rosenstiel and Sen. Cooper with article (Beverage Media, July 1966, p. 20).

1968 - Glenmore Candlestick holiday cartons are introduced with a red middle for 86 proof and a green middle for Bonded (UD Archives, 994.m.1)

1969 - Glenmore purchases Foreign Imports Co., New York
(Amaretto Di Saronna. (C Lee, Hist of Glenmore).

1970 - Glenmore purchases "Old Mr. Boston Co." founded in the
1924. (C Lee, Hist of Glenmore).

o - Desmond and Duff Scotch is introduced by Glenmore (1970
Glenmore Annual Report).

o - Glenmore introduces "Master's Rare" Kentucky Straight Bourbon at 90.9 proof and claiming "since 1836", the Dant heritage dates (UD Archives, 994.m.1)

1971 - Glenmore introduces Old Thompson Canadian whisky (1971
Glenmore Annual Report).

1972 - Glenmore changes the Amaretto di Saronna packaging to
the "Rose Package" and a square flask shaped bottle
(1972 Glenmore Annual Report).

1973 - Distilling ceases in Owensboro but continues in
Louisville (UD Archives, Uncataloged file).

1975 - Death of Frank B Thompson Jr. Marshall L Berkowitz
becomes the new president. (C Lee, Hist of Glenmore).

1976 - The Real Mackenzie Scotch is discontinued (1976
Glenmore Annual Report).

1978 - Felipe II Brandy is distributed by Glenmore (Bev Med, Dec 78).

1981 - Glenmore purchases Lawrence Winery, San Luis Obsipo,
California. Change the name to Corbett Canyon in 1983.
(C Lee, Hist of Glenmore).

o - Joseph A Engelhard dies (1981 Glenmore Annual Report).

1982 - Glenmore introduces the first domestic flavored
Schnapps (1982 Glenmore Annual Report).

1987 - Elduris Vodka is introduced by Glenmore (1987 Glenmore
Annual Report).

1988 - Glenmore purchases Medley [Ezra Brooks]. (C Morris,
Glenmore, 15/11/91).

o - Glenmore Sells the Corbett Canyon Winery to the Wine
Group Ltd. (UD Archives, uncataloged file).

1989 - Ezra Brooks wins Gold Medal at the International
Spirits Competition in London. Kentucky Tavern wins the
Silver Medal. (C Morris, 12/8/92).

o - Glenmore acquires Fleischmann's Distilling Co.
(Scoresby Scotch). (C Morris, 18/9/92).

1990 - Col. Frank B Thompson dies (C Morris 3/2/93).

1991 - United Distillers acquires Glenmore. (C Morris,
Glenmore, 18/9/92).

1992 - United Distillers Glenmore is Formed. (C Morris,

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