Knob Creek Rye vs Rittenhouse BIB Rye vs VW Rye

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Knob Creek Rye vs Rittenhouse BIB Rye vs VW Rye

Unread postby Mike » Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:43 pm

I have been meaning to try the new Knob Creek Rye and am now setting about that business. I like Knob Creek whiskies, and have heard good things about this new Rye. So I decided it deserved to be measured agin a couple of my old favorites in the Rye category. Those are the Rittenhouse Bottled in Bond Rye, which, like the KC, is 100 proof and carries no age statement, and Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye, 95 proof. The VWFR claims to be 13 years old but most folks who know about these things say it is likely made up of older rye whiskies (some considerably older). Anyone care to address this?

Does the KC Rye belong in the company of others? My first sip says yes! But let us not be too hasty. Side by side comparisons are in order.


KC Rye - a nice rounding of barrel sweetness while being on the soft side for a rye whiskey - excellent rye whiskey - the barrel flavors soften and add sweetness, and play a major role (within the context of it being a rye whiskey)

Rittenhouse Rye - a touch more spice but with a beautiful floral component (abetted by what I have often called the unique sweetness imparted by rye) - excellent rye whiskey - the rye and the yeast (floral elements) play first fiddle

VWFR Rye - softer still, with that subtle Van Winkle dry tannin touch from years in the barrel - excellent rye whiskey - the time in the barrel plays first fiddle (as compared to the others, and in the context of it being a rye whiskey - it is not without rye qualities)

BONUS RYE - since I have long said that Wild Turkey 101 Rye is a great whiskey (are they still making it? if not, Wild Turkey should be ashamed, I say, ashamed!!!), I have thrown it into this throw down.

WT Rye - spicer (higher rye recipe?) than the others with that unmistakable WT bite that goes all the way to the bottom.... still rich in the WT way - an excellent rye - the rye itself plays first fiddle


No winner because they all display their own unique strengths. Knob Creek Rye is as good as any of them, and has the edge on Barrel Flavors.
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Re: Knob Creek Rye vs Rittenhouse BIB Rye vs VW Rye

Unread postby EllenJ » Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:40 pm


That's pretty much my take on them, too. Each is so unique in its own right that comparing them becomes difficult.

Next time, try comparing Jim Beam Rye, Ri1, Old Overholt, and Knob Creek. All are made by Beam, and each is nearly as different from one another as the ones you reported on. I've already done this, but I'm shutting my flapping pie-hole until you (and maybe a couple others) have tried this showdown and reported on what you think.

By the way, we had a tasting of unaged (white dog) rye whiskies here the other day. Seven of us blind-tasted (well, six; I knew what they were) eleven different examples, all reduced to the same 90 proof. The results were interesting... especially since they were so different - except for two, whose results were nearly identical.

Happy Turkey to you and Paula!
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Re: Knob Creek Rye vs Rittenhouse BIB Rye vs VW Rye

Unread postby gauze » Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:33 pm

good to see a Mike showdown review of ryes.
I have not had a bad rye yet, and while I hope rye's popularity continues on an upswing I fear rye in a 1.75L plastic bottle if it came to that.
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