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Bottling NameRittenhouse Rye
Bottled ByHeaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. Bardstown,KY
TypeKentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
Alcohol content100 Proof
Availability US: Available Japan: Not Available Duty Free: Not Available Europe: Not Available
Views (since 20080612) 24424
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Review from bourbonv (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1670, Created:20090901181225)
Purchased at:Sent to me by Heaven Hill
Purchased for:$190.00 SRP
Info on this bottle:Barrel #1, bottled 25 August 2009
Nose:Caramel and oak with some fruit notes - dates, figs and maybe ripe pears. There is a little of the sweet spice hiding in the back - maybe nutmeg.
Taste:A very nice mouth feel showing the un-chill filtered aspect of the whiskey and making it pleasantly oily. There is no fire in the whiskey, but there is anice pleasant warmth. It has the rich fruit and caramel flavor of an older rye whiskey with a bit of old leather and tobacco with just a hint of oak tannins that do give it a bit of the bitter associated with tannins, but not overwhelmingly so.
Finish:A nice long finish with sweet spice and caramel leading into a an oak wood.
Overall:I like this bottle, but I actually think I liked the mingling of all three barrels better. It seems to be a little more of everything. This might be an arguement for a small batch over a single barrel bottling of a product. It is a better product if you let it sit for a while and breath. It opens up nicely and makes for a fine drink to enjoy over an evening with a good book and a cigar.

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Review from bourbonv (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1650, Created:20090813185956, Updated:20090820162554) View discussion on this review.
Purchased at:Sent to me by Heaven Hill
Purchased for:$190 SRP
Info on this bottle:Sample Bottle from distillery
Nose:Wild berries, flowers, caramel and oak waft through the air just by opening the bottle. In the glass there is fruit - berries and pears, with caramel and fine leather followed by oak wood and a hint of sweet spice.
Taste:Did someone ask about an oily character in whiskey - this has it. It is a smooth as silk oily character that really enhances the mouth feel, making it almost chewy but not quite. It has rich fruit flavors - berries and ripe pears with lots of very rich caramel flavor and sweet spice - nutmeg maybe or alspice. There is no fire in this rye whiskey and a very pleasant wamth in the back of the mouth. The oak is very strong, but it is not a bitter tannic oak, but a nice dry oak.
Finish:Very good. It is long. The oily texture makes the finish last a long time with a dry oakiness mellowed slightly by the sweet spices and fruit. What suprises me is the lack of caramel in the finish. Caramel is in the taste but the other flavors qickly replace it in the finish. It keeps going long after you would think it would end and it stays pleasant and a little warm.
Overall:This is going to be a single barrel, non-chill filtered rye whiskey. Technically this bottle is not the 25 year old because the barrel was laid down on October 11, 1984 and this sample was bottled on August 7, 2009 for one of the barrels to be used as the Rittenhouse 25yo. The letter accompanying the bottle admits this and states that if the barrels differ in quality after being in the wood for two more months, Heaven Hill will send me another bottle after it is bottled. I hope it does because it is fine rye whiskey now and I would be happy to have another bottle. I just received an email from Larry Kass at Heaven Hill - they goofed and the sample bottle they sent was a mingling of barrels 1,2, and 3 and not a single barrel that will be released in the fall. He apologized for the mistake and promised to send me a sample of the SINGLE BARREL version next week. I personally really like this mingled version and I am not sorry he sent it by mistake. I am looking forward to the new sample and I will add that review as well.

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