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Bottling NameWoodstone Creek
Bottled ByWoodstone Creek Cincinnati,OH
TypeStraight Bourbon Whiskey
Alcohol content94 Proof
Availability US: Available Japan: Unknown Duty Free: Unknown Europe: Unknown
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Review from Dump Bucket (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1512, Created:20090306213046) View discussion on this review.
Purchased at:Gift From Mike Veach
Purchased for:16 weeks of class, a mid term and a final... priceless
Info on this bottle:Barel # 1
Nose:Fist sniff from the pour is malty??? Almost feels like a m in a young micro brewery. There are some hints of leather and almost medicinal alcohol smell to it. Not bad, but that after scent of a hospital and band-aids.

As it opens up it is quite nice. Lots of brewing beer scents. Somewhere near a IPA and a standard pale ale.
Taste:Sweet right away. Lots of malt, some corn, barley? And touches of fresh oak or oak sap.

Neat stuff.
Finish:Similar to the taste with the malt corn and barley again??? that ???hospital band-aid scent/taste??? is there as well. Not overwhelming, but not something I am use to.
Overall:Thank you Mr. Veach. I have never had anything like this. It is so close to fresh beer brewing I could see my brew buddies getting into something like this???

I read your reviews after I completed mine and I can see that you got similar attributes from this ??? less the hospital band-aid scents???

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Review from bourbonv (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1408, Created:20090103193114) View discussion on this review.
Purchased at:At the Distillery
Purchased for:$92.70
Info on this bottle:Barrel # 1
Nose:Lots of grain - mostly the malted rye, wheat and barley with the sweet corn hiding in the background. There is more vanilla than caramel and a hint of something in the background that is hard to pin down - sometimes I think flowers and others some light fruit like peach or apricot.
Taste:Sweet corn and grains with a little vanilla and fruit -definitely a ripe apple when it does not seem like a peach. This is a hard one to nail down completely but it is fun trying. The taste does not seem complicated, but it is pleasant but the best part is that it leads into a first class finish.
Finish:This is a long finish with a lot of grain flavored by an undertone of sweet vanilla and finally APPLES. It last for several minutes and the fruit that keeps alluding the taste buds reveals itself as apples. With the grain flavors and vanilla, the finish reminds me of Apple Pie a-la-mode.
Overall:This is a very good bourbon to sip neat even though it is only about 5 3/4 years old. It has a complexity that teases the taste buds and there is nothing unpleasant in the the experience. I have to wonder, what would this product taste like if it was aged in an iron clad warehouse with extremes of heat and cold to drive it into the barrel? Would that improve the whiskey are ruin it? I tend to think that it would drive out a little more barrel flavor adding a little caramel to the mixture, but I could be wrong.

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Review from gillmang (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1314, Created:20081016171137, Updated:20081016172057) View discussion on this review.
Purchased at:Party Source, Belleview, KY
Purchased for:$88.00
Info on this bottle:Also from barrel no. 2
Nose:Tan brown with yellow and orange highlights. Earthy notes predominate with some alcohol and fermented apple notes. Some oily notes as well.
Taste:Full-bodied, sweetish, tangy, earthy again with some metallic notes. The oak has some effect on the palate but not too much. It is an integrated flavor, I can see why the distillery released the whiskey at this time.
Finish:A nice finish which recalls the taste above.
Overall:An excellent artisan bourbon, the first straight bourbon by a new distiller since the 1950's! A rich tasty product that differentiates itself from the bourbon (heretofore) norm but is still well-within the bourbon spectrum of flavors. I would enjoy trying this with 2-3 years more barrel age, I think a 'Reserve' Woodstone would be amazing but this current iteration is plenty good and highly recommended. I stand by my earlier-stated impression that it is like a combination of Maker's Mark, Woodford Reserve and Stranahan's malt whisky from Colorado.

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Review from bourbonv (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1312, Created:20081015190254) View discussion on this review.
Purchased at:John Lipman picked it up for me.
Purchased for:$88.00
Info on this bottle:Barrel #2 with 23 cases made
Nose:This is tasted in a Glencairn glass. The color is a nice orange red. The legs are long. (I always liked long legged red heads!) It has been breathing for about 15 minutes. It has a nice vanilla and candy corn nose with a hint of apple wood. There are lots of grain aromas in this nose but also that hint of apple fruitiness and vanilla. There is some sweet spice but not overpowering - clove and nutmeg seem to be hiding in there somewhere but they are definitely in a supporting role and not the lead.
Taste:Sweet with lots of vanilla and cherry fruit with a wonderful oiliness that coats the mouth with the sweet flavors. No burn and very little heat as it reaches the back of the throat. The grains are also in there with a nice rye spiciness - not quite pepper but definitely not the real sweet spices. Maybe a little cinnamon, but firey cinnamon like red hots candy. The wheat and Barley also make a brief appearance before the sweet vanilla and fruit push it off the palate.
Finish:This has a very nice finish. It is sweet with vanilla and spice with only a trace of wood tannins to balance out the sweetness. It lasts a good long time. It leaves you wanting another sip.
Overall:I like this bourbon. It is craft distilling at its best. Finally a bourbon with flavors that are not simply barrel flavors. I was told by the distiller that he thinks what he is making today is better than this bourbon from 5 years ago. If this is true then we are in for some excellent bourbon down the road.

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