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Bottling NameThomas H. Handy 2007
Bottled ByBuffalo Trace Distillery Frankfort,KY
TypeKentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
Alcohol content134.8 Proof
Availability US: Available Japan: Unknown Duty Free: Not Available Europe: Not Available
Views (since 20080612) 7505
Bottling Info

Review from Mike (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1845, Created:20100614181014)
Purchased at:Towers Liquor Store Atlanta
Purchased for:$59.99
Info on this bottle:2009 version - cut to 105 proof
Nose:Tangerines, raisons, allspice, cinnamon, ginger open up, then comes some rye and nutmeg. Very spicy, but spices that are on the milder and sweeter side.
Taste:Very thick and creamy with the nutmeg and ginger giving it some depth and character. The cinnamon is only mildly hot. More balanced than the earlier Handys and a bit more sophisticated and soft. Soft enough to be considered refreshing but not delicate.
Finish:Balanced, and moderately long.
Overall:Best of the Handy ryes in my opinion (and the others were all quite good) because it has better balance. I believe this is an 8 YO whiskey and a very, very, good one at that.

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Review from enzo (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1459, Created:20090204214820, Updated:20090204215000)
Purchased at:Guadalupe Austin, TX
Purchased for:$60
Info on this bottle:2008
Nose:Lush, fruity, floral. Vanilla bean, dried apricots, figs, golden raisins, peach cobbler, fresh mint, pear, rye. Really inviting nose... makes you want to jump right in and take a gulp.
Taste:Super sweet... like a vanilla butter cream frosting... exploding into, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange, clove, more fig, a bit of oak... The Alcohol is present, but not at all over powering. There's also a slight oily consistency... similar to, but much more understated than Stagg.
Finish:very warm, pleasing finish with a very pronounced rye and clove. Gives you that nice warm fuzzy feeling... similar to a fine Cognac... but leaves the tongue tingling.
Overall:This is hands down, the most enjoyable Rye I've tried thus far. More enjoyable, and more balanced than the Rittenhouse 21. It's a whiskey you can truly savor... sip by sip. It is very sweet. Perhaps too sweet for some... but the spice really balances out the sweet in the finish.

I tried it on the rocks... it was good... but much better neat.

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Review from Dump Bucket (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1454, Created:20090203103926)
Purchased at:Gift from Funknik
Purchased for:50ml of Old Crow 10/86, 1968
Info on this bottle:2008 Version
Nose:Some sweet, dry and earth with pumpkin pie, fresh crust and whip cream. A little wet oak chips, brown sugar and all the things right in your face that say thanks giving pumpkin pie.
Taste:Rye and some sweet and spice. Soft burn that grows with the strength of the rye.
Finish:Pumpkin spice and then rye with a little whip cream on the end.
Overall:I know this is good rye. There is do doubt in my mind, but it is just not my profile. The rye is so dominant in this that I would prefer some softer overtones to help work with the in your face spice and rye.

If you like this profile in a rye, you will love this juice. There will be more available for you since I will not be getting any bottles???.

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Review from bourbonguyjapan (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1044, Created:20080330055757)
Purchased at:trade :)
Purchased for:gratis
Info on this bottle:sample
Nose:Alcohol. Heavy alcohol and oranges.
Taste:Rye, and a little heat followed by tangarine and almond.
Finish:I did "finish" this one rather quickly.
Overall:Good Bourbon!!! Mighty fine bourbon. Mighty fine indeed!

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Review from spun_cookie (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 916, Created:20071123181615, Updated:20080108200420)
Purchased at:BevMo, Chandler AZ
Purchased for:~$58
Proof Of this Bottle:134.8
Nose:Raisins.. strong raisins.. and grapes... almost like bread pudding.

I want to crawl in the glass and relax for a while

The longer this sits in the Reidel neat the nicer it gets. There is spices-o-plenty...
Taste:burn and spice followed by rye, raisins and so much more I have to understand there is a slight medicine taste at the very end but it just may be something I have not been able to define yet

Finish:now aint that a kick in the head... wow... and explosion of spice, rye, raisins and whoooyaaaaa... so much better than the first time I had this....
Overall:Damn that pumpkin pie... the first time I had this it was bunk, now... whoooo yeah... this is a great sit by the fire and sip drink... warmed the soul and toasted the body

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