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Bottling NameOld Forester Birthday Bourbon 2004
Bottled ByBrown-Forman Distillers Company Louisville,Ky
TypeKentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Alcohol content95 Proof
Availability US: Available Japan: Unknown Duty Free: Not Available Europe: Unknown
Views (since 20080612) 5121
Bottling Info<From their website>

Vintage 1995 Fall Season
Release date-Thursday, September 2, 2004
95 proof
Less than 8,000 bottle produced
This Vintage release of Old Forester was chosen to honor the birthday of George Garvin Brown, the Bourbon industrys pioneer. Once bottled, its unique character will never be replicated again.

This spicy complex bourbon was entered into the Old Forester brick Warehouse L during a cycling period. The interior temperature of the warehouse was warm and humid so the pores of the charred white oak barrel were open. This allowed the new bourbon to soak deeply into the barrel wood where it quickly began to absorb the perfect balance of wood, confectionary and spice character.

The barrels were aged on the upper floors of Warehouse L and were exposed to sun from the east, west and south. Its this heat and moisture combination that contributes to the interesting aroma, palate and finish. The balance and complexity of this Vintage Old Forester make it a rare treat.

Review from Mike (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1267, Created:20080903183308)
Purchased at:
Nose:A generous nose that is interesting and complex. A dollop of vanilla, a skosh of wood, a thin slice of tobacco, and a pinch of chocolate and orange keep the game moving right along. Don't leave yet, I still asniffin!
Taste:A sweet vanilla opening gambit followed on at mid palate by the modest bourbon rye bite that has a hint of cinnamon. Very excellent!
Finish:Moderate to long and well balanced
Overall:Balance is the watch word with this Birthday Boy. Nothing in excess. A fine bourbon! And you can find one of these still out there, buy it!

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Review from BuffaloBill (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1120, Created:20080611135135)
Purchased at:Worcester MA (rare find)
Purchased for:$38
Info on this bottle:Old Forester Birthday - Fall 1995 / Bottled 2004
Nose:Corn &amp; Caramel with the fine scent of Rye and Old Fashioned Bubble-Gum sweetness. Fresh green mint wafts over the top. No huge vanilla note like the 2006, more Cotton Candy and Wood. Round, not flowery. Nutmeg &amp; Spice, with some Leather at the bottom.
Taste:Oak and Rye coats the back of my throat, warming, not at all harsh. Clean around the edges of your tongue, tannins. Camphor. Quick to please, not as long and buttery as the 2006 but very clean, like an Aperitif. Great taken neat before or after a meal. However, it stands up to ice like the rest of the OFB's. Perfectly.
Finish:Leaner than the 2006. Clean and crisp. Moderately long...
Overall:Pale Amber and more Orangy (tangerine) in color, less chestnut brown and a much lighter viscosity than the 2006, although quite similar in style. Granted it's a much younger Bourbon, but it doesn't sacrifice the texture or flavor. If you can find it, buy it! It's lovely... with all the Old Forester charm minus the mustiness and lactic edge of the 86 Proof. Refined. As in all of the OFB Birthday's, I love it.

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Review from spun_cookie (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1078, Created:20080509014427)
Purchased at:
Info on this bottle:Distilled in the fall of 95, Bottled in 04
Nose:molassis, Brown sugar, vanilla, and mellons. A slight tough of oak, but not to much. There is a scent of Lipton tea in this one comparied to sweet tea in the others. Might be the orange touch that makes me think of that
Taste:Some vanilla, the tea and leather... The alcool on this one comes mid finish... diffrent than teh otehrs... There is some citrus as well. Almost over rip honeydew... but not bad, just very ripe
Finish:Good finish. Not as good as the other 04, but there is a buttery caramel touch to this one. It mellos into a light summer tea..
Overall:The other 04, the 05 and the 07 have this beat... but it is not bad. I will finsh teh bottle no questions, I just have to start with this one

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Review from spun_cookie (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1076, Created:20080509013326)
Purchased at:
Purchased for:Trade
Info on this bottle:Distilled 93, Bottled in 04
Nose:Nose: Maple, corn, light rye, a caramel and chocolate mix

Rich, a slight bit of oak and leather after a min or so sitting

There is something here I am missing a word for

Figured it out, southern sweet tea
Taste:Sugar water from the start, then corn leather some alcohol and vanilla. A candy corn appeal to it really. With burn
Finish:Finish: burn first with leather and then runs to some rye, corn, molasses, and then onto vanilla. Not real sweat, just tastes the way vanilla extract tastes
Overall:This is almost as good as the 07, just not as deep or rich like a thin version of it with more alcohol to it

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Review from Mike (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 554, Created:20060726153337, Updated:20060727114938)
Purchased at:Sigman Bottle Shop, Conyers, GA
Purchased for:$28
Nose:Yes, this bourbon has the warm rye, citrus, peaches, mild oak, char, and dark chocolate that makes it very interesting. You know you must taste it from its aromas.
Taste:Birthday bourbon tickles your fancy with its subdued sweetness followed by its peppery spice. Lurking nearby is the hint of chocolate that adds to the interst and taste.
Finish:The pepper and alcohol go out together, but the other flavors remain behind to make it a first class act
Overall:Yeah, I like Birthday Bourbon! When it was my birthday, I liked it even more. It is an excellent bourbon worthy of the name. I can easily see how someone among the BE faithful would consider it their favorite bourbon!

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Review from bourbonv (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 429, Created:20060318083017)
Purchased at:Bourbon's Bistro Bar
Purchased for:8.00
Info on this bottle:Standard Bottle
Proof Of this Bottle:94
Nose:Sweet caramel toffee and fine leather and tobacco with a hint of dark fruit - dates or cherries.
Taste:Rich caramel toffee and dark fruit - dates and apricots with a hint of leather.
Finish:Sweet caramel and fruit that last forever.
Overall:Very good neat after dinner.

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Review from bunghole (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 124)
Purchased at:Gift From Mike Bowers
Nose:This a great looking Bourbon that is a deep orange drenched amber that almost glows.

I have been nosing this Birthday Bourbon for about an hour now. This is a tough one to unlock, and a splash of spring water does help a bit. It has a very well balanced and very complex nose.

This Bourbon ROCKS! In center stage just like the bass player and drummer locked 'in the pocket' - the corn and char are locked into a deep and propulsive groove. Instead of vanilla there is chocolate! This is a first for me and a pleasent surprise. The chocolate plays a fill just like a Hammond B-3 tone wheel organ through a Leslie rotating speaker tone cabinet. If you've ever heard a B-3 live you'll remember it's thick rich powerful sound just as chocolate is thick, rich, and satisfying. Dill; thyme, nutmeg , and cinnamon sing harmony with roses in their hair. Apple plays a soulful rhythm gituar. The big powerfully soulful nose is all about balance and harmony. No soloists here.
Taste:Excellent mouth coating viscosity.

Semi-sweet chocolate center and tingly spices mid-palate. Just a hint of the apple on the tip of the tongue.

Finish:The very soulful finish starts out deceptively smooth and sweet with a lightly strummed attack with ample sustain. There is a little heat and as the finish decays the four part spice harmony from the nose reverbarates in a classic Stax fade out.
Overall:Another landmark Bourbon from Brown-Foreman. Thank you master distiller Chris Morris! Hell it's somebody's birthday somewhere! Right!? Don't wait for your own - celebrate today! Now!

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Review from Mike (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 111)
Purchased at:Sigman Bottle Shop, Conyers, GA
Purchased for:$28
Info on this bottle:Distilled in 1995 Bottled in 2004
Proof Of this Bottle:94
Nose:Brown sugar, vanilla, and orange. A bit of oak, and yes, a whiff of chocolate!
Taste:Smooth vanilla sweetness. Alcohol adds a touch of pepper up front. Sweetness and oak taste moves to the palate.
Finish:Very nice finish, buttery richness leaves a lasting impression that sighs of satisfaction. You know you just had a nice bourbon!
Overall:Compares favorably to much more costly bourbons. Well worth the money! I intend to keep some of this bourbon on hand.

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