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Bottling NameDistillers Masterpiece Cognac finished
Bottled ByJames B. Beam Distilling Co. Clermont,KY
TypeKentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Alcohol content99 Proof
Availability US: No Longer Available Japan: Unknown Duty Free: Not Available Europe: Unknown
Views (since 20080612) 10201
Bottling Info

Review from spun_cookie (BourbonEnthusiast Review ID 1059, Created:20080407235613)
Purchased at:50 ml Gift
Purchased for:Freebie
Info on this bottle:Distillers Masterpiece 18 year old cognac finished
Proof Of this Bottle:99
Nose:First 3-5 min.
Light and pleasing in the first couple of seconds and as it opens it grows with a scent of being refined. The alcohol comes up and hits you hard at about about 15-20 seconds after the pour.

The cognac finish covers the smell of bourbon for a while. After 45-75 seconds a little oak begins to rear its head and there we go the bourbon has come to the party.

The nose is still refined and full. The blend of Bourbon and the cognac is very nice to the scents

This screams for a cigar if I smoked
Taste:The more this opens (5-10 min) the cognac becomes the main focus on the nose.

This stays the case until the end of the glass 20 min in.

First 3-5 min:
Light to full over 15 seconds on the tip of the tong growing in a coated bourbon hints of a Madera.

Good bourbon taste hidden within the cognac flavors.. .the burn is just great There is a honey tone that seems to be the predominant taste of the cognac.

5 min and beyond:
As time passes (5-15min) the cognac also dominates the taste.

This is much like what I got with the Crown Royal Cognac finish, but the heavier Beam Bourbon seems to keep a closer balance that allows this to still be enjoyable.

20 min the tastes seemed to have hit an equilibrium.. not much different than at 7 min.
Finish:Cognac at first and then smooth bourbon.
Almonds, Madera, pine nuts, light oak and even burn

The cognac taste lingers more and more as time passes. By 15 min it is the predominate taste for at 30-45 seconds deep before the bourbon pops up. There is some citrus (mandarin oranges) and again the honey or honey roasted almonds
Overall:I am not sure if the cognac has a tendency to dominate the taste buds where it diminished the bourbon as you consumer more or if as it opens it mixes/diffuses further into the bourbon where the nose, taste and finish are more cognac with less bourbon with every minute that passes.

This blows the doors off the Crown Royal, but still adds to much sweet cognac to the bourbon for my taste. I bet the bourbon itself would have been great without the cognac finish.

I will admit that I am curious about the 20 yr now with the cognac then port finish

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